Supernova Developer Platform
Deliver design system data to your codebases, automatically, for any platform or technology, effortlessly. Share your expertise with our worldwide community so everyone can benefit.
Welcome to the Supernova developer home! Here, you'll learn how to get the most out of Supernova, how to successfully integrate it into your processes, and automate and streamline how you get production-ready code from your design system.

The power of Supernova

We strongly recommend that you watch the following video for an overview of what's possible with Supernova. From your design system to the production codebase in few minutes - enjoy!
Supernova allows designers and developers to work together in an automated fashion

Using Supernova

There are multiple real-world use-cases enabled and covered by Supernova:
Exporting code for design system elements
With Supernova and its robust data model, you can export code that describes design elements, such as tokens, components, themes, or even things like documentation for any platform you like. You are really only limited by your imagination.
Manually updating changes to your codebase
The code export can be run manually - and locally - within your development environment so you are always in control of what gets generated and how the code is contributed to the codebase.
Automatically distributing code through our DCD - Design Continuous Deployment
Tired of maintaining brittle tech stacks that fall apart as soon as one of the cobbled-together services needed to get the code from your design system changes without you knowing? Supernova provides the world's first design continuous integration model that seamlessly delivers code to any codebase, for any platform on your behalf.
Serving multiple platforms at once
Running stacks with multiple technologies? Have web and mobile apps you have to support? Supernova can deliver code to multiple platforms at the same time, with a click of the button, or fully automatically if you want.
Building bleeding-edge code generation tools
Alongside all of this, Supernova allows you to build code generation tools in a fraction of the time needed to build them manually. Using our Pulsar technology, you can describe how the code generation should behave for any codebase, and spend more time on the parts of coding that you love.
Best of all? You can share your mad skills with anyone in the world and get a little bit of that all-important internet fame. Or you don't have to, you know - your choice.
Sounds like something you would love to experience yourself? Let's get to it.
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