Coming Next
This page covers what we are building next and would like to cover in early access! We would love to hear your opinion about where you would like to see Supernova go - if you are up for a chat, drop us a line on our community discord!

Automatic GitHub Pull Requests

Currently, exporters automatically deliver code to your API where you can consume it and commit to whatever destination you want. However, we realize that not everyone has such API or resources to build one. We will be introducing an option to automatically open Pull Requests inside your GitHub repositories when design system content changes and new code is generated.

Supernova Javascript / Typescript SDK and Public API

In some specific cases, you want to access your design system data in different way than through exporters, and although we believe exporters cover more than 90% of all possible code-related use-cases you can do with the design system data, we will be releasing JS/TS SDK so you can build any system yourself, and the ability to download the same data you have available in blueprints through Supernova REST API.

More Design System Objects

Because Supernova just entered Early Access, we only allow a small subset of features we are internally testing to properly polish the system - in terms of security, options but also performance. Currently, this means you have access to design tokens and design system versions, however, before Supernova leaves early access, you can be looking for quite a bit more design system elements covered.
No spoilers here though! Join our community if you want to know more!
Last modified 1yr ago