Exporters are bundles containing everything needed to produce any source code out of Supernova Universal Data Model. Exporters contain everything from definitions of how the source code will look like to mapping where to put the output and many other useful and important configurations.

You can think of exporters as libraries, or APIs, that have a specific purpose of converting a design into code, the difference being that exporter is just a complex configuration with procedures describing data model conversions.

The whole export functionality and the input data are provided by the entire Supernova toolchain. When developing exporters, you only care about defining how the result will look like, everything else is done for you.

In the following chapters, you'll learn everything about exporters, how they are used in Supernova and what powers they give you.

Learning about exporters

Exporters are powerful technology with many different use-cases that enable advanced code generation capabilities. Each exporter can access every feature Supernova has to offer, through easy, unified code interface, and can connect to Supernova universal data model:

Learning about how exporters work in detail is especially useful if you plan to build one from scratch, but also when you want to modify existing ones that someone already written before you:

Lastly, if you want to publish exporter for others to use, be sure to read the tutorial dedicated just for this:

Pick the topic and dive into what all exporters can do!