Creating New Exporters

You can use exporters made by others and in most cases, you'll probably want to - as long as there is one for the platform/architecture/style you prefer. But sometimes that is not the case. For this reason, everyone can now create their own exporter.

You should consider building a new exporter from scratch in one of the following cases:

  • You were unable to find a suitable exporter for whatever reason

  • The platform you target is not supported by Supernova, and the community didn't build one just yet

  • Exporter for your problem exists but the result doesn't fit you for whatever reason

  • You have an idea for an exporter that would bring value (and joy) to others

  • You just want to push exporter technology to its limits

If you answered yes to any of the above, it is time to build a new exporter.

Creating Exporter Package

While building exporters file by file by hand is possible, we strongly recommend starting with creating package through Supernova exporter manager, accessible from top menu > Manage Exporters. Clicking Add new exporter will create a new exporter package, empty but ready and configured for immediate use.

Creating new exporter package through exporter manager

Building a new exporter from scratch is complex, but a very straightforward task. You define its configuration, how should it behave, what code to generate for what scenarios, and lastly map everything into actual files that will be written into a destination user specifies when using the exporter.

There are several tutorial series focused on building such exporter. We strongly recommend you start with the easiest one, a basic HTML exporter, that walks you through all the basics such as creating a blueprint and mapping the file. Have fun!