Export helpers

Library to help you with common code-generation tasks.

To make the development of common exporter tasks easier, we are maintaining and expanding a repository of helper utilities that come handy in any code generation task.


To use the library in your exporters, install it using the npm:

                                                            npm install --save @supernovaio/export-helpers

Using the utilities

To use the utilities, simply import them from the library:

                                                            import { TokenUtils } from "@supernovaio/export-helpers"

All helpers are single-purpose, static methods that you can use for anything you want.

Utilities overview

Here is the overview of what helpers are currently available:

  • Color helpers: Offers functionality for swift color manipulation and formatting.
  • CSS helpers: Provides utilities and conversion routines related to CSS.
  • File helpers: Equips you with tools tailored for file output operations.
  • Naming helpers: Contains conversion routines essential for code-safe naming practices.
  • Network helpers: Assists in downloading data from the network.

For detailed documentation on each utility, please refer to the official repository on GitHub. If you have requests for additional utilities, please open a request ticket.