Updating custom exporters

Keep your exporters up to date with the changes in their codebase.

If you have installed an exporter before and you have made changes to its code since, you will need to force an update before the changes are applied to your pipelines.

This is essentially the same as npm packages — once the package is installed, a specific version is used until you bump the version of the package yourself.

Exporter versioning

Each exporter defines the package version. This is done through declaration of version property in the exporter.json file.

Before you update the package in Supernova, make sure you have bumped a version of the exporter to be higher than before (for example, from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2), following semantic versioning structure. If you don't do that, the update will be rejected with and info message saying "Your exporter is already up to date."

Updating the exporter

To update an exporter, navigate to the Code Integration > Exporters > Exporter Detail. From there, click into the Settings for the selected exporter:


Once in the exporter settings, you can Pull latest version which will download the updated contents of the base repository that hosts the exporter.

That's all! Your exporter is now updated to the new version and every build / pipeline that will be created onwards will use this new version of the exporter package.