_Sharing Exporters with Others

When you have built and prepared an exporter and have been using it internally, sometimes you feel like you have created something worth sharing with others. In this case, you can publish your exporter to the store so others can profit from it as well.

Publishing pre-requirements

Before you publish an exporter, make sure that:

  • You have properly configured it, as all its configuration be shown to the public
  • The exporter is well tested and works in advertised situations
  • There isn't an exporter that already does the same or very similar thing
  • You have properly labeled exported with appropriate tags, such as Flutter, styles or similar
  • You have created an appropriate icon. This is optional, however, your exporter will stand out

Publishing to Exporter Store

Once your exporter ticks all the boxes, you can continue with publishing it. To do that, navigate to the installed exporter and find its setting on Supernova Cloud.

By clicking Make Public, the exporter is immediately made public and available to everyone.

Unpublishing from the Store

You can bring public exporter back to private at any point in a similar manner to publishing it. However, please note that whoever installed the exporter already from the store will retain its copy, in order to prevent breaking of their production-configured environments. No new users will be able to install the exporter once it is taken private.

Removing the Exporter

Removing the exporter works the same way as if you would unpublish it and from the point of the users who are using the exporter already, there is no difference between the two actions.