Measure tokens define one single measure, such as 20px or 40%.

You can reference measure in most other tokens, providing values that can be changed from one single point. For example, if all your borders should have exactly 1px, you can define a measure and reference it in all border tokens. Then, changing the measure will change the value for all of them at once.

Example Token Payload

This is what the measure payload looks like:

                                                          "id": string
                                                          "name": string
                                                          "description": string
                                                          "tokenType": "Measure"
                                                          "origin": ItemOrigin | null
                                                          "value": {
                                                            "unit": "Pixels" | "Points" | "Percent" | "Ems",
                                                            "measure": double
                                                            "referencedToken": Measure | null

Associated functions

You can use the following functions to retrieve measure tokens from your design system:

  • @ds.allTokens
  • @ds.tokensByType (with "Measure") attribute
  • @ds.tokensByGroupId