Supernova gives you the ability to tap into a full, structured information about every design system, down to the last atomic element in any of your exporter blueprints.

Accessing the Data

Design System Model describes exactly one active design system. It means that you can run the exporter and produce a certain output, then open another design system, and produce a completely different output - using the same exporter. You access the design system data using pre-defined functions that shield you from any complexity in terms of downloading and resolving the data.

Model Objects

Currently, the following model objects are available. You will find the full list of methods to fetch the design system data inside each of the categories as well:

We will be adding more and more available data objects over time. If you would like to see any specific additional functionality, please let us know at our community Discord. Thank you!

Behind the scenes: The Design System Model is read-only. Exporters can temporarily change or obtain some information (such as to resolve tokens) using computing functions, but the underlying model will not change - therefore it stays the same for any other exporter running afterward and is completely deterministic in nature. The data model only changes when editors make changes to the design system (e.g., re-importing design elements from Figma).