Exporter Store

The Supernova Exporter store allows developers to browse exporters created by the Supernova team and our amazing developer community, providing out-of-the-box code generation solutions that would otherwise have to be created by the developers themselves (though you can still do that!).

To access the Store, navigate to Supernova Cloud and select the Code Integration section from the main menu. You can install and try out any exporter from the store - they are all free and ready to be used with the click of a button.

The Exporter Store contains exporter packages for many major platforms, and we are actively working on adding more. If you are missing some exporters, please join our developer community and let us know - we will either do it ourselves, or help you make one!

Pro tip -> Each exporter is tagged with the platform that it targets and the category of design system data it covers. Some exporters are great for design system tokens, others allow you to export web previews of your design system, and so forth. You can filter them quickly by searching by these tags.

Installing exporters

Before you can use an exporter you find interesting, you have to install it and make it available to your workspace so all developers on the team can share and use it.