User role

A role of the user within a specific workspace.

Available from: 2.0.0


                                                            import { UserRole } from "@supernovaio/sdk"


The following enumeration cases are available:

  • owner: Represents the owner role, typically with full control and access rights.
  • admin: Represents the admin role, often responsible for managing users and settings.
  • creator: Represents the creator role, often responsible for creating and managing content.
  • viewer: Represents the viewer role, typically with read-only access.
  • billing: Represents the billing role, responsible for managing billing and subscription-related tasks.

Formal definition

                                                            enum UserRole {
                                                          owner = "Owner",
                                                          admin = "Admin",
                                                          creator = "Creator",
                                                          viewer = "Viewer",
                                                          billing = "Billing",