Describe design system

List all information about design systems you have access to.

Using the Supernova CLI utility, you can get the structure of a specific design system to know what themes and brands are available to you, including their identifiers. This is very useful for getting a high-level overview of what is available and currently set up across all of your design systems when you are configuring the Tokens Studio plugin mapping.


Use the following command to list brands and themes that are available under provided API key and design system ID:

                                                            $ supernova describe-design-system \
                                                            --apiKey="xxx-xxx-xxx" \

Once you've run the command, you'll obtain entire structure of your workspaces, similar to this:

                                                            ↳  Design system "Dark Matter", id: 123
                                                          ↳  Brand "Default", id: 59eecf09-3641-46e3-82cb-1d82a0a01bc8
                                                            ↳ Theme "Dark", id: d21a33e2-2105-493c-852e-a2c0a443a959
                                                            ↳ Theme "Grayscale", id: d21a33e2-2105-493c-852e-a2c0a443a900

You can use the data to help you configure your Tokens Studio sync behaviors.