Publish documentation

Trigger the documentation to publish automatically if your remote data changes.

Using the Supernova CLI utility, you can publish documentation directly from your command line. This is extremely useful if you want to update the published site whenever some remote data changes.

For example, if you commit a new markdown file to your repository, you can republish your documentation remotely by triggering the build using (GitHub/Azure/BB/GitLab) action.


Use the following command to publish the documentation for a specific design system:

                                                            $ supernova publish-documentation \ 
                                                            --apiKey="xxx-xxx-xxx" \

Once run, there are two possible outcomes:

  • If there is no ongoing build, a new build (publish) will be scheduled and your documentation will be published a few seconds after that with the newly processed data.
  • If there was an ongoing build, the command is silently ignored, to prevent overwhelming the build pipeline. There can only be one queued publish at any time.

Because the publishing usually only takes a few seconds, it almost universally doesn't pose any issue. Do note however that the action is asynchronous, so you'll get response from the command about scheduling the build and you can continue with additional CI commands.

There is currently no way to wait for the result of the build, but we are looking for your feedback if you would find that option useful.