Available exporters

Explore how you can use existing exporters to quickly deliver data to your codebases.

We are actively maintaining a number of exporters to help you get started delivering to your codebases right away. Here are two main places where you can find and explore all of the exporters the Supernova team and members of our community have created.

Exporter list

The exporter store is a core component of Supernova, designed to offer a seamless experience when searching for and installing exporter packages. It functions like an app store but is tailored exclusively for exporters.

You can easily install exporters with a single click and integrate them into your delivery pipelines. Additionally, if you've developed an innovative exporter, you can contribute to the store so that others can benefit from your creation.

Core exporter repository

For those who are more technically inclined and want a closer look at the source code, or for those looking to collaborate and contribute, the Core exporter repository is the place to be.

You can find many exporters there — and if you are feeling adventurous, you can also find some works in progress that will be installed in the store and available to the community later — as this is the place where the development happens.

Private exporters

Supernova also offers the option to install exporters from a private repositories, which is ideal for packages that are unique to your design system or if your company has strict security practices. You can self-host the exporters using GitHub, GitLab, Azure, or Bitbucket and make them securely stored within your organization this way.

Learn more about private repositories here.