Using Supernova Cloud
If you, for any reason, can't use the VS Code extension to run exporters to obtain production code (highly recommended), you can still do that from Supernova Cloud interface. Supernova Cloud allows you to do several things:
  • Play around with exporters in Cloud Playground
  • Set up different test scenarios for Store exporters you would like to explore
  • Run "builds" and generate code that will be stored for all your team members to download
Finally, Supernova Cloud allows you to configure the automated delivery of the code when something changes in your design systems.

Cloud Builds

You can run any installed exporter right from the Cloud environment. To do that, navigate to Supernova Cloud > Code Integration > Build. You will see an interface that, if you never used it, will have only one option - to create a new build.
You can build code for any design system using any exporter right from this interface
A "build" in Supernova represents a single run of a specific exporter, that points to a specific design system and version. Compared to the VS Code extension where the exporters run locally on your machine, requesting a build will trigger our own SaaS export platform.
To request a new build, click on the + NEW button. You will be presented with a dialog asking you what combination of exporter / design system / version you want to build.
Dialog asking for combination to build
In this example, we are using a Flutter Exporter that we previously installed to provide us code from a design system called Magic Wand and we are specifically asking for the data from the Shared Draft version.
The shared draft version is always present and you can think about it as HEAD in terms of Git - the place where the design team is pushing the bleeding-edge updates until they are ready to stabilize in a semantically named version.
When you RUN a build, it will be queued on our CI/CD servers and will generate the code on your behalf. You can stay on the same page - it will automatically refresh when the code is ready.
Build scheduled. Exporters generally run very fast - within a few seconds.
When the build succeeds, you can download the code as a .zip file immediately.
It is worth noting that you can have an unlimited number of builds for an unlimited number of exporters - there is no limit.
The code for all the builds will be deleted when you delete the associated design system - but will not be deleted if you decide to remove / uninstall the exporter

Cloud Playground

Builds are great if you want to make the code available to all your team members, but would be a bit cumbersome to test different variations of exporters, design systems, and settings.
You can access the Cloud Playground for every installed exporter by going into the exporter detail (either clicking on Exporter Store tile, or selecting it through the installed exporter list) and click Open Playground. This will open up the Cloud Playground for the specified exporter.
[TODO: Cloud playground image]
The Cloud Playground has a lot of options, so we will dedicate a separate section to it.