SDK Features

Explore how Supernova SDK can bring your design system data into any JavaScript-based project.

Supernova SDK is at the heart of the entire Supernova experience and allows you to interact with all the data — both read and write — of your design systems. Here's an overview of the SDK's capabilities:


In order to access Supernova data, the SDK needs to be securely authenticated. There are two different ways you or your customers can authenticate:

Personal access tokens

Each Supernova user can generate their own personal access tokens. It is also possible to generate PATs for use in the CI/CD pipelines that integrate with Supernova SDK.

Supernova OAuth

The golden standard of authentication, similar to what you are used to with "Log in with Gmail".

Read and write design system data

You can access all your design system data, and also write it back to the design system, through various SDK methods:

Read and write API for design system data

Manipulate tokens, assets, components, and all other elements of design systems.

Read and write API for account-level objects

Manage workspaces and design systems programmatically.

Read and write API for documentation

Read and write documentation data, structure, content, and configuration. Access documentation in a Supernova-structured block format, or as markdown.

Multi-brand support

Manage multi-branded design systems, add and manipulate brands.

Rendering pipeline

You can render any asset that you have imported to Supernova as an SVG, a PNG, or a PDF. You can additionally use the power of pipelines to write the assets in all formats to your repositories, or even convert them to code, like SVG icons to React components.

Source synchronization

You can ask the SDK to pull changes from various sources that you have connected to Supernova, such as Figma files. This allows you to build sophisticated workflows that will always take advantage of the latest data from your entire design <> code stack.

Design system management

You can manage various higher-level aspects of Supernova through the SDK as well:

Version management

Create, distribute and remove versions from design systems.

Pipeline management

Manage your code and rendering pipelines.

User management

Streamline user management tasks beyond what Supernova allows by default for those super complex custom company systems.

Code features

We are developers ourselves, and we know how important a good developer experience truly is. We have taken a great care to make sure the following is true:

  • Fully TypeScript-enabled: Codebase fully supports TypeScript, ensuring type safety.
  • Performance optimization: Heavily optimized for performance.
  • Documentation: Extensively documented for easy integration.
  • Plug & play: Designed for a plug-and-play experience, reducing setup hassles.
  • Scalability: Maintains performance even for large design systems with extensive data.