Start delivering your design choices to your codebases right away.

Hi there, we’re super excited to have you here! This documentation has everything you need to get started with Supernova, whether that's building your next Figma plugin or delivering code to your codebase. If you haven't already, you can also join the #development channel in our community to discuss everything you see here!


The Supernova developer experience is formed by the following core parts:

Pulsar & exporters

Pulsar is the engine that performs the conversions from design to code and powers all you'll build with Supernova. It allows you to run, debug, and deploy your exporter packages. It's closely integrated with VSCode through an extension we built just for this purpose.

Running on top of Pulsar, the exporters serve as a tool for translating design elements from your Supernova design systems into code that can be deployed. These can convert design tokens, components, and icons into different code formats and languages.

You can generate code in forms like CSS stylesheets, React components, or native mobile modules. It's designed to be customized, so you can adjust the output to meet your team's specific needs.


The SDK allows you to interact with Supernova design systems using JavaScript or TypeScript. It provides both read and write access to the design data.

This documentation explains how to use the SDK for various applications, such as building Figma plugins or searching widgets for your website.

Customizable documentation

Supernova offers out-of-the-box documentation suitable for non-developers. However, if you need custom features tailored to your organization, there's no need to build your own brittle system you'll spend years perfecting. You can modify the existing documentation platform, adding new features or changing its appearance to better fit your needs.

We, too, are developers. And we get you.

Starting with a new platform is always a commitment. We crafted the developer experience around the following core points:

Developer-first ecosystem

Our developer platform is built on widely-used languages like JavaScript and TypeScript, making it approachable. Plus, the full TypeScript support means that you'll catch issues early, making development more efficient. There are also a lot of conveniences to help you manage common tasks.

Easy to get started

The SDK is well documented, with lots of examples, and you can hit the ground running from minute one. When you're ready to dive deep, there are some really great advanced features you can explore. You should never feel lost or overwhelmed — if you are, please feel free to complain about it publicly on our community channels so we improve!

Community above all else

Our active community of developers and extensive library of community-contributed plugins mean that you have a wealth of experience and support to draw upon. And if you ever get stuck, our team or other fellow developers will always help you out.

Communication is everything

We continuously update and refine our platform based on community feedback. We're in this for the long haul and are fully invested in helping you, and your company, succeed.

So go ahead — take the plunge. With Supernova, you're in good hands, and we can't wait to see what you'll build.