Beta disclaimer

Understand the scope of the new developer experience.

We at Supernova are absolutely excited to finally launch the new developer experience which is a culmination of thousands of pieces of feedback and countless hours of work of the Supernova team. Because we value transparency, we want to share a few important notes about the current status and what's yet to come.

What's available now

We've launched an entirely new developer experience! We believe you're going to love it. By no means an exhaustive list, but all major parts of the Supernova developer experience were revamped:

  • Exporters 2.0: Our all-new exporter engine. The exporters were rebuilt from the ground up, and we've built some new exporters that were previously not possible at all.
  • SDK 2.0: For the very first time, we're thrilled to announce our official SDK. This unlocks some spectacular opportunities like building your own plugins or integrations into your systems, and is only the beginning of what we're planning for it.
  • Developer Documentation 2.0: In line with our commitment to serving our developer community, we've released a refreshed developer documentation. We hope it'll be your go-to resource for years to come.

What's coming

We have introduced a few new exporters, such as CSS or SVG-to-React packages. However, our plan is to convert all exporters and expand them with some really amazing capabilities that the new development platform unlocks. We'll be introducing new exporters soon, as building them is considerably easier than it ever was.

We're also working on a revamped developer experience for building custom documentation. This is something that people are asking us about all the time. If that's you, please get in touch so we can chat more.

Sunsetting the old developer experience

The new Supernova export engine comes with full compabitility layer for the previous experience, so you don't have to worry if you have invested time into building custom experiences around the old engine.

However, the previous experience is moving to the maintenance mode and we'll only invest into making the new experience as great as possible going forward. We'll inform you far in advance when we decide to completely sunset the old experience.

A note on beta

Our new developer experience is in beta. This means that while it has undergone rigorous testing and is production-ready as of today, there are still things we would like to introduce to make the experience even better. You can confidently explore and utilize these new tools without worry; however, as with all things beta, there may be occasional hiccups or minor tweaks along the way.

We appreciate your patience and feedback as we make this the best possible experience for all our developers. Thank you for being the best community. Dive in, enjoy, and let's continue to build incredible things together!