Supernova SDK object

A single place to access all your design system data — and write them, too.

The Supernova object serves as the main entry point to the SDK. You can get the main SDK object by importing it from SDK library:

                                                            import { Supernova } from "@supernovaio/sdk"
                                                        const sdk = new Supernova(apiKey)

With the object instantiated, you gain access to the entire functionality Supernova provides, both read and write.

SDK areas

The SDK is separated into logical areas that allow you to manipulate different parts of data available in workspaces / design systems. Various areas are available directly on the SDK object, like this:

                                                            // Retrieves a single workspace from workspaces area
                                                        const workspaces = sdk.workspaces.workspace(workspaceId)

Here is a full list of the available areas: