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We've separated this documentation into several parts based on what you can do with Supernova.

Exporting to codebases

Supernova allows automatic synchronization of design decisions such as styles or assets (icons and similar) to your codebases using a technology we call "exporters".

Using exporters

If you want to start delivering to your codebases right away, start with our guide about using Supernova's out-of-the-box exporters to deliver code. We recommend starting here first to understand the power of Supernova.

Creating and modifying exporters

If you have tested delivery using the default exporters but you didn't find the one that precisely suits your needs, Supernova allows you to customize existing exporters or even create new exporters from scratch.

In the following guide, you'll learn how to build and customize even the most complex of the exporters easily using technologies you know and love like Typescript or Javascript.

Using Supernova in your CI/CD pipelines


Building with your design system data

All your design system data can be accessed through Supernova SDK, a powerful Typescript-first library you can include in your browser or Node-based projects. Supernova SDK opens up ton of opportunities for developers, such as the ability to build their own Figma plugins or include data from the design system on the fly.

In addition to reading data, the SDK also allows you to write data back to Supernova, so various sources can contribute data to the design system.

To get started, follow our guide on building with the SDK.

Customizing your documentation

Supernova documentation can be fully customized — from the perspective of layout and styling to even adding custom functionality — giving you the same powers as if you'd build the documentation frontend yourself using tools like Gatsby, without the resource and time intensive lift.

Follow our guide to learn about how to customize the documentation for your design systems.